Grains Mainly on The Plains

  • Distance: 74 km loop
  • Description: This ride covers a range of terrain in the transition zone from the finish of Mt. Carmel range and its red soil vineyards, and bog prone black soil on its eastern side, and moves north to more open flat river plains with sandier soils.
  • Amenities: Rochester. Also Corop and Elmore (both on busy roads).
  • Accommodation: Rochester, Elmore, Aysons Reserve (camp in reserve on Campaspe with toilets).
  • Ride surfaces: This has about 50:50 unsealed road and sealed road. There are about 10km of busy highway sealed road, most of which is connecting with Elmore. The remaining busy road is 1 km into Corop (with shoulder) and 0.5 km at base of Burrumboot climb. Rochester has a bike path beside its highway and bridge so access there is OK. Consider bypassing Elmore if you can.
  • Terrain: Flat to rolling, but with a climb over Mt Burrumboot south of Corop. The east climb is steeper than the west side. Total vertical metres = 309m.
  • Suggested Ride: I’m open minded about this one. Rochester has the best food, Corop is OK, Aysons is nice spot for a camp or picnic. Riding clockwise will have the steeper climb – some will prefer that, others not. Consider using Hayes Rd to connect Aysons/Three Chain Rd to Trewin Rd, to avoid Elmore (and ride will be about 10 km shorter).
  • Highlights: Rochester – silos , oppy and township. Aysons Reserve campsite. Mt Burrumboot climb. Wide open plains and changing terrain pattern.
  • For the gravel aficionados: Quarry Road passes by Nanneella Quarry, source of the champagne coloured gravel on your routes in the south western part of GABCY Network.
  • Link to gpx file: Download gpx file from this link – Grains Mainly on Plains
  • Connects with: Nabbin My Booty, Lap of Local Lakes, The Tour of Five Halls. See – GABCY Network.
  • Pics:


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